It's Your Time!  Are You Ready To Get Your SHIFT Together?

Be a BFD! Badass Fulfilling Dreams
Walk through the curtain as a supporting role in everyone else's lives, but come out the other side of the SUPERSTAR SHIFT as a Big Ffin' Deal!
Your Red Carpet Awaits!
You may not want to be a superstar to everyone-- and that's okay. But once you SHIFT some things in your life around and learn how to attract the money, the relationships, and find your next purpose, you're gonna feel like a Badass Fulfilling Dreams!
Superstar shift
One-time Payment - First Ten Founding Members.
    Superstar shift
    One-time Payment - From January 2022 Onward!
      In life, you come to crossroads where a decision needs to be made.
      • Do you run backward to the "meh life" you know? 
      • Do you take a turn that will likely keep you spinning your wheels?
      • Do you take a breath, and push forward?
      Are you ready to take the SUPERSTAR SHIFT?
      One-year Program Includes:
      • BFD Superstar SHIFT Course: One-year Access with certificate upon completion! 
      • Admission to the private BFD SUPERSTAR SHIFT FB group where there are daily exercises, topics of discussion, trainings, and much more!
      • ​Ambassador Admission to the private I Am A BFD FB 'event group' where you may be highlighted as a spotlight member. (Any publicity is good publicity!) 
      • Monthly (or more) Group Zoom meetings to discuss the lessons each is on. 
      •  3 one on one 30 minute mastermind sessions!
      • ​Payment arrangements available
      Note: This is designed to be a 90 day immersive, but we're giving you a full year of access in case life's distractions happen!

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